Sunday, March 05, 2006

Nunsense....Random, I know...

Well, I haven't really listened to much music this week besides the usual and since opera was going on this weekend, I've had nothing but Magic Flute in my head. But today, I recieved my script for Nunsense which I'm going to be doing this summer and I listened to the music while reading the script so I figured I'd write about it.

Nunsense is basically a variety show put on by 5 Nuns as a fundraiser to help bury the other 4 sisters from the convent that died mysteriously from the soup served at dinner. It's a very interesting show and each nun has a different personality, which is expressed in the songs they sing. I get to play Mother Superior which could be different for me.

Anyway, the music in this show pretty much sounds all the same. Each one tends to start the same which I don't really now how else to describe other than saying they sound like kick lines for the most part. At least for the ensemble numbers. Yet some of the individual songs are like that to. Another thing I noticed was sometimes the characters don't even sing but speak sing instead, to try and get their words out. Mother Superior does this a lot. I found it kinda interesting. Don't really know in what way, but interesting. It should be quite the experience and like I said before, quite different than what I'm used to playing.

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