Sunday, March 19, 2006

Nicole Nordeman

This week I listened to the CD of: Nicole Nordeman. She is a contemporary christian singer. This CD is only her on vocals accompanied by a full orchestra and piano. The CD is called, This Mystery. The tracks I listened to are: This Mystery, Tremble, Fool for you, Help me Believe, Small enough, Lookin at you, As, Home, Please Come, Every Season, and Why. My favorite two songs on this CD are Every Season and Why. I have performed both of these songs at my church at home with two vocalists.
Every Season is an amazing song with piano and strings. She talks about how every season comes back to God and how he has created everything. Throughout the song, each verse is another season and how something different of that season shows his presence. The really cool thing about this song is that the music and intensity of the song constantly grows, until the last season of Winter. It ends with winter, with the lyrics, "So it is with you, and how you make me new with Every Season's change".
Why is also a really nice song with piano and strings. In this song she is asking her Dad why Jesus had to go through the crusifixion and how so many people could be so horrible to one man. This song also tends to constantly be building with the lyrics and the music. Very much alike to Every Season.
This is an amazing CD that I think anyone would enjoy.

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