Sunday, March 05, 2006

Nicolai Kapustin

The cd I listened to was of piano works by contemporary Russian composer, Nicolai Kapustin and performed by Canadian, Marc-Andre Hamelin. Kapustin’s pieces have a jazz style and sound almost improvised. However, they all in fact carry a classical form and are really exciting to listen to.

Variations Op. 41- This continuous variation consists of six variations. The first variation consists of boom chucks in the left hand and melody in right hand. A scale is used to transition into the next variation. Each variation thereafter gets faster and louder. Except the fifth one which is in a minor key and very slow.

Piano Sonata No. 6 Op. 62
Allegro- Very happy and kind of sounds like a show tune because of it’s happy, catchy melody.

Grave- Quite a contrast to the allegro. This one kind of reminded me of something a pianist would play at the mall. It kind of bored me a bit. A slow piece is needed in between the allegro and vivace but this was just uninteresting.

Vivace- There is so much going on in this piece. Many times there are two different melodies going on at the same time, one in the right and one in the left hand.

Sonatina Op. 100- I’ve been working on this one and it’s been really fun to play. The theme is played twice and then played in a minor key which is really neat. It slows down a lot then goes back to the theme with is really happy.

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