Friday, March 24, 2006

Muse: Absolution

This week I listened to Muse, a British alternative rock band from Britain. The songs I listened to were from their newest album “Absolution” which was released in 2003. My favorite song on the album, “Time is Running Out” starts out with a really neat bass line which is repeated throughout the song. There are also really neat guitar riffs in the transition between the refrains and choruses. The lyrics of the album are pretty depressing, about the world ending soon, however there are interesting words that give character to the piece such as “asphyxiated”, “fixation”, and “elation” and definitely a lot of text painting is used. The next song, “Apocalypse Please” features a piano which they make sure not to cover up with their strong guitar and percussion. I suggest you listen to the album; it’s different, and good.

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