Monday, March 06, 2006

Late again

Yeah yeah... this week I just plain forgot but I'm still going to do it anyway. (history test in an hour, need I say more) Maybe it was seeing you run by me frantically out of the PAC, but oh well.

Rage Against the Machine's final album, Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium is a fantastic CD. They released this album a few months prior to their breaking up, and is one of my favorites.

Rage Against the Machine was a very progressive band that loved to politicize lyrics. Their lead singer, Zach de loa Rocha, was of Spanish heritage and talked constantly about such political happenings such as Vietnam, Muhammad Abdul Rahim, civil rights, etc. The first song, Bulls on Parade, is about fascism, and the line "rally round your family, with a pocket full of shells" relates to guerillas having pockets full of bullet shells. From then on, if you merely look at the titles of the songs you can see how charged they really are. One of my favorite songs is a remake of "kick out the jams" and is very upbeat.

Throughout the record you can't help but notice the unusual playing style of the guitarist, Tom Morello. Tom is a very famous solo and lead guitarist, and currently plays guitar for the band, Audioslave. The last song, Freedom, is a very appropriate one in that in a way it's like the band is getting their freedom. Not actually intended, I just find that kind of ironic.

Time to go slave myself to Balensuela for an hour... then back to sleep.

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