Sunday, March 19, 2006

Kind of Blue

It's been a while since i really sat down and listened to some jazz, so I decided to pull out Kind of Blue. This cd has the Miles Davis quintet playing "So What", "Freddie Freeloader", "Blue in Green", "All Blues", and "Flamenco Sketches."

I like this cd because it's not difficult to listen to. As many jazz classes as I might take and as hard as I might try...some of it I just don't get, like some of Miles' later music, but this I like.

"So What" is one of my favorites. My senior year I got to play with the jazz band because they did Chick Corea's "Spain" and so I ended up going to all the competitions with them and our combo played this. It's a good song to get the listener into the cd because of the repeating "so what" line.

The next track, "Freddie Freeloader" when it begins almost sounds like a continuation of "So What" In general This whole cd just has a nice relaxed feel to it and is easy to listen to without having to focus on what's going on in the music too hard.

The last track is "Flamenco Sketches". I really like this song, almost as much as “So What”. To me this would be a great song for a movie. It would fit in one of those scenes where the guy is walking down the street at night in the rain and the lights are all lit up and everyone’s walking around in pairs and he’s all alone. I think this song being last was a good way for the album to wind down after the more upbeat beginning of “So What”.

So that was my jazz listening experience. Now I guess I had better go back to attempting my theory homework......

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