Sunday, March 05, 2006

Just to join the fad...Magic Flute

Yes, in case you haven't already read enough blogs about "The Magic Flute", here's another one! By this time most of you should be familiar with the general plot of the opera with its love story and plot of spirituality, so I won't really go into that.
I think that because I did take part in the opera, the experience of the performance was marred, but it's still an awesome opera, and I think we pulled it off well. My favorite song out of "The Magic Flute" is the duet between Pamina and Papageno. I generally enjoy music when it's in triple meter. After running through the opera multiple times and never getting to see the performers on stage, I would really like to be in the audience once and a while for performances of this nature.
Mozart is, of course, a genious when it comes to music in general, especially text painting. Each aria expresses in the music exactly what the words are saying, making the meaning of the text even more potent. Tension in the music expresses the friction between characters.

Well, I think this blog's shortness makes up for my previous blogs. Congrats to both casts (and pit and stage crew) on an opera well done!

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