Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's so hard to remember to do these!

So fortunately, I remembered that I'm supposed to do a blog this week, because last week was such a struggle...that it just didn't happen. Another fortunate thing is that I'm pretty sure I'll be the only one to talk about "The Colorado Quartet".

Yes, the Colorado Quartet...4 ladies who play string instruments as a group. I went to the recital at 7:30 Friday evening...and was not released from my seat until 9:30. While I enjoyed the music; I must say that the recital itself was a bit lengthy. The four women (Julie Rosenfeld [1st violin]; D. Lydia Redding [2nd violin]; Marka Gustavsson [viola]; and Diane Chaplin [cello]) played only 3 pieces: Haydn's Quartet in D Major (op. 50, no. 6); a contemporary quartet by Katherine Hoover, titled "The Knot" (quartet no. 3), and finally Schubert's Quartet #14 in D minor, more aptly titled "Death and the Maiden".

I'm always excited to hear stringed instruments, because their tambor is so unique. I like the light feel/texture from strings, as opposed to the heavy/full texture that one generally hears in brass quartets/quintets (whatever). {although i like both, mind you}.

I don't really remember much about Haydn's quartet, because it was first; and let's face it, there was A LOT of music after it, so it was easily forgotten. I'm sure I liked it, because it was rather tonal and somewhat predictable (which i like in music).

The second quartet was my least favorite because it was quite chromatic and had parts twisting and inverting minor seconds and major sevenths (it was not all that pretty). While I saw the musical value, I've decided that atonal music and I are not friends.

Finally, Schubert's "Death and the Maiden" was just one thing...LONG. Each movement easily could've been 10-12 minutes. I tried to use my new-found musicianship skills to pick out sections (i.e. A B A C A), but there were SO MANY sections that I had to give up. While I did enjoy the themes of each section, there was so much between them that I just lost the lustre for the music. I think that song could've made a recital in itself (almost)., yeah...that's what I did friday night...good times!

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