Sunday, March 12, 2006

Gesualdo's Madrigals

This CD is a compelation of madrigals by Carlo Gesualdo who I'm writing my history paper on. He seems like a pretty cool guy...ya know, just went a little crazy after he killed his own wife and her lover but other than that hes a pretty normal guy. I think his crazy life helped him write his music. Most of it is sad music with a deep meaning to each song. His chord changes are frighteningly beautiful and the text that he uses in his madrigals go very well with his musical style. He often speaks of God, love, death, pain, languish, and happiness (but very few times.) He is a very interesting person to study and to listen to his music after you study his life makes his music much more understandable. He had a great impact on the music (madrigals) of his time. There are few 16th century madrigal or motet composers that I enjoy listening to and he is one of my favorites. His music is so much more creative than any others I have heard. I also like the romantacism that he uses in his writing. He uses great syncopation as well as beautiful cadences in each of his works. Anyone who enjoys many voiced choir works should hear some of his works. Just be prepared to fall asleep.

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