Sunday, March 19, 2006


So this week I decided I would just make notes about each piece

Rhapsody in blue
Jazz clarinet solo starts with the theme, accompanied by brass and other woodwinds at first followed by strings
Solo transfers to muted trumpet and then to the solo piano
Full orchestra enters with theme at forte volume
Piano takes over with awesome virtuosic playing in classic Gershwin style
Bass clarinet joins for a short while to add countermelody
Orchestra enters again as a sort of transition for the piano
Melody sweeps/stutters in strings
Almost a darth vader moment where the melody sounds "star wars"-like
Then the well-known part with the motive Delta stole to advertise their friendly skies

An American in Paris
Happy, cartoonish melody
Orchestral introduction has dotted rhythms
Accented dissonances
Very active melody, vibrant
Tempo slows
many wind solos
Texture becomes more agitated
Much use of hemiola
Texture moves back and forth between agitated and calm

Cuban Overture
Definite Hispanic taste at the beginning
Fast wind runs
Percussion backdrop- Maracas and congas
Oboe, wind solos
Trumpet solos

Variations on "I got rhythm"
Orchestral Introduction
Theme- piano
Var I-dotted rhythm piano with sax playing theme
Var II-descending octaves
Var III-smooth triple meter, waltz-like, very unrecognizable theme
Var IV-similar to I and II with added trills and more accented dissonances, asian influence
Var V-orchestral variation with woodwinds, piano cadenza on theme
Var VI- alternating piano and brass, finality with just piano
there may have been more or less variations, but this is what I counted by ear

Rhapsody No. 2
melody dominated by brass when piano is not present in the texture
clarinet duet in the middle with syncopated piano accompaniment
piano goes into a cadenza with scalar patterns

well, that's it for this week

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