Monday, March 20, 2006

early morning vh1

Letting vh1 do my music selecting for me...figure it's a good way to see some new stuff....and not be bothered with choosing music.
"upside down" - jack johnson: love his new song even though it's for a children's album soundtrack that accompanies the movie Curious George. I'm sure speigelberg you will be taking your youngins to see it so you might hear this mellow, acoustic guitar (true to jack johnson style) song, thats simple melodically and repetitive, but not too long and is in a happy key
"unwritten" -natasha bedingfield: i don't too much like her's obvious that she makes it raspy on purpose and her style isnt really distinctive from other pop artists out there although i think she'd consider herself as some throwback to the sixties flowerchild mentality based on her dress and the lyrics to her song. The song gets annoying as well cause there's maybe one and a half verses and the chorus is repeated about 8 times
"beautiful" -james blunt: he's credited as having an angelic voice....i must's very pinched and whiny and shaky..which is probably why he doesnt hold a note more than a beat or two...but..i guess that doesn't matter when you were "a captain in the british army".
"speed of sound" -coldplay: i like coldplay but dont ususally like their over electronic sound..which is what this song is...i really appreciate it when it's just the lead singer and his piano with back up acoustic guitar and vocals..
"black horse& cherry tree" -k.t. tunstall- she calls her style "blusey folk girl rock stomp"....right....well i've taken a listen to her cd and this is the only song that carries that gumbled genre.....she's a scottish artist and i dont really think she should be dabbling in blues or she doesnt int he rest of songs on her album...she's just a pop artist similar to Dido...and this song where she's trying to be different is so cliche with use of drums and heavy guitar and singing with a pushed raspy voiced about a country love theme
"black sweat" - prince: I love prince...not because i like all his songs..but there are a choice few of his singles that i could listen to over and over..this being one of them because he's an old artist that is true to his style...this song sounds like what he might've put out in the 80's with the synthesized drums as his only accompaniment and this high siren that plays in the chorus. its great cause its not repetitive and the suggestive lyrics are great
"photograph" -nickelback: i hate this song..i hear it too's long and talks about life in a small town...i just dont really like rock..
"the real thing" -bo: so this is a guy from some season of american idol..and it's obvious why he didnt win.he does that annoying thing where it sounds like he's sighing at the end of every phrase..blech..watching this vh1 i realize how many of the songs sound a like..he's trying to be this pop rock guy and sounds just like the lead singer of nickelback..
"be wit you" - mary j. blidge: like how they spell the title? people do really say it that way..anyway..she's another artist that has been around for years and has always remained true to her style..just a rough r&b sound..thats realyl soulful...its a good love ballad..more urban and not popish

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jamesatdepauw said...

Hmm...I'm afraid I have to disagree with your comments on music...

1) I hate that Jack Johnson song
2) "unwritten" is AMAZING!
3) I like James Blunt's voice
4) "Be Wit You" is an awful song!