Sunday, March 12, 2006

Amici - The Opera Band

This week I listend to the CD - "Amici - The Opera Band". Amici is a group of 5 opera singers; 2 girls and 3 guys. They are accompanied by an orchestra. The violoinists in the orchestra are amazing. This group takes classical pieces and puts a different beat to it. Normally its an up-tempo beat but there are a few songs with a slower tempo. They also take common classical melodies and add really nice harmonies to add different colors and textures to the piece.
The pieces I listened to are: Prayer in the Night, Senza Catene, Canto Alla Vita, Vita Mia, Whisper of Angels, Song to the Moon, Zadok the Priest, and Nessun Dorma. My favorite pieces are Canto Alla Vita and Prayer in the Night.
Canto Alla Vita has an acoustic guitar, drums and strings, and has a really nice up-beat tempo. The tenor in this piece has a beautiful tone and really nice high notes. The voices on this piece really blend well and create nice harmonies.
Prayer in the Night has a huge orchestra and is overall just a huge piece. It almost feels like music you could listen to, to pump you up for an exciting time, or music used in a very intense situation of a movie. There are a lot of really nice string parts in this piece and lots of timpani as well. In this piece all 6 voices are singing with intense and strong harmonies. Through out the piece the verses are normally sung as a duet, and as the chorus comes in the rest of the voices come in one after another; adding voice after voice on top of eachother. There are constant crescendos to set the intensity as well as adding more and more instruments to the more intense parts of the piece.
I strongly recommend this CD to anyone who enjoys symphony music, or opera, or any classical music.

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