Sunday, March 12, 2006

311 - Music

311's first released cd, Music, shows just how different a band 311 is compared to other pop/punk bands of their time. Songs like Hydroponic, and My Stoney Baby show close comparisons to the band Sublime, a band catorgorized by their Rastafarian attitude and ska-type of music. Other songs, like Freak Out and Feel So Good, resemble a more typical pop/punk band. The song Do You Right, almost resembles Latin American music somewhat, kind of sounding like Malegeuna for the second half of the tune. This is probably their most successful album, and the one that earned them their record label. However, this band, that prides themselve from Omaha, Nebraska, has been very successful over the past few years and it is because they have not changed their image. They pride themselves on being independent from large corporate sponsors, which is very rare for this period in time. I was first introduced to this cd back in elementary school, and I loved 311's sound immediately. Their drummer, Chad Sexton, was a quint player in the Cavalier drum and bugle corps before finally joining the band. This experience can be seen in some incredible chops and elaborate drum rhythms that he plays. The bass player, P-Nut (yeah, interesting?) loves to bring out the occasional slap bass, and with an American and Mexican singing lyrics, it provides for some interesting differences in lyric style. Anyway, this cd is pretty easy to listen to, and don't worry, they have like 8 more CDs so I'll probably do another one in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Chad sexton was not in the Cavaliers, and he did not play quints.

He played snare drum in the Skyriders Drum and Bugle Corps in 1989. Then he started throwin' down mad beats all over the place.