Sunday, February 26, 2006

Thelonious and Coltrane: Live at Carnegie Hall

I got this CD for Christmas and hadn't heard it all the way through yet. The CD has the Thelonious Monk quartet with Coltrane, Ahmed Abdul-Malik on bass, and Shadow Wilson on drums. I had never heard them all play together and it started off with an awesome piano solo. Not that I ever doubted Coltranes playing ability, but it seems like every time I hear this dude play, he impresses me a little bit more than I remembered. This CD is filled with many different styles that include many solos and dueling solos between Thelonious and Coltrane, but also some bass solos if I remember correctly and some absolutely amazing drumming solos. I didn't hear as much of the bass as I am used to hearing, but it might be because the two lead instrumentalists are so crazy at what they do. Coltrane repeatedly used and turned the melody into general craziness playing so many notes but constantly reminding you of the original theme of the tune. The drums were used as syncopation and at some points during the CD, I was more impressed with Ahmed's playing than any others. It was simply amazing to know that all of this was recorded live and to make anything sound this good live deserves respect from anyone with a decent taste in music. Listen to it if you get a chance.

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