Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sarah Masterson's Recital

So I went to Sarah's recital and decided it would be good to write about it. While I was sitting there I noticed that I guess my musical training has not been totally useless. I could have told that she was playing Bach even if I hadn't had a program. My mom, who is totally ignorant of music in all forms, always asks me if it doesn't ruin the listening experience to know too much. She wants to know if knowing all the details and thinking about them while listening ruins the pleasure of the experience. Sometimes I think it does, but at other times having a good understanding of what's going on in the music makes the listening experience better.

I like the way recitals are set up to represent a broad time spectrum. She started with a Bach Tocatta, typical mechanical work, then moved up to Beethoven and rachmaninoff and ended with a Kapustin piece that swung.

I think more than any other performer, piano players amaze me. Maybe it's because my own piano skills are so lacking. I find it hard to comprehend how she could play pieces so long from memory and be able to keep concentration whereas I, as an audience member, occasionally found my mind wandering, and all I had to do was listen.

So I had a lot more to say that I thought about during the recital but now I can't remember it. But I do remember that when I went in there I was in a pretty crummy mood and was tired and cranky and now I feel a lot better.

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