Sunday, February 19, 2006

Phantom of the Opera

He’s here, the Phantom of the Opera…

This promises to be a quick one guys. The overture at the beginning really sets the mood for this Andrew Lloyd Weber musical with a heavy rock beat and intense organ.

“Think of Me”, Christine’s opening song, alludes to her relationship with Raoul. It also reveals her musical prowess with an impressive cadenza at the end.

“Angel of Music” describes Christine’s other relationship, that with the Phantom. Christine sings a verse in triple meter, and then the Phantom enters the texture. The two parts go back and forth with string tremolo accompanying.

“The Phantom of Opera” returns to the heavy beat of the overture with alternating verses between Christine and the Phantom. I like how the strings copy the vocal part.

“The Music of the Night” is one of my favorite ballads. Calm, and serene, the Phantom is first accompanied by piano and then strings.

“Prima Donna”, in triple meter, has a minuet feel with swelling strings. The vocal part is somewhat exaggerated, being sung by the house diva.

“All I Ask of You” is the promise song between Christine and Raoul. I love the feel of this song, it must be something about the meter and rhythm.

The Entr’acte is completely instrumental! The different sections of the orchestra play key melodies and motives from the first half of the musical. I in particular enjoyed the English horn solo of the “Music of the Night” theme. This piece serves to recap the first half after the intermission, bringing the audience back into the story.

“Masquerade” is very jolly with a strong cymballed beat. Soft woodwinds accompany the vocals during the chorus.

“Wishing You Somehow Here Again” is Christine’s mourning song for her father. Chimes begin the accompaniment followed by arpeggiated strings. The melody is played through once by bells, creating a “music box” feel.

“The Point of No Return” is the Phantom’s final deal with Christine. She must choose either him or Raoul. A sweeping melody over staccato strings adds intensity to the situation.

“Down Once More…Track Down this Murderer” opens with an awesome scream followed by a brass recap of the main Phantom motive. Finality is added by the brass entrance. A chanting “track down this murderer” from the chorus enters repeatedly to make the emotion more pressing.

Yeah, that’s the end

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