Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Perfect Cirlce - Mer de Noms

French for "Sea of Names," A Perfect Circle's first album release is a cd of many moods and varieties. With the lead singer from Tool, Maynard Keenan, and a few of his close friends they formed the alternative band, A Perfect Circle. My favorite song is Sleeping Beauty, which has a rather mellow tone and very melodic chorus. This was my favorite song in high school and it was because of the lyrics that mae up the chorus. The first single released, Judith, is another great song. The lyrics question the purpose of religion and asks if there really is a "God." The song 3 Libras is a lot more mellow and is the only acoustic song on the album. The lyrics of this song talk about a lost love and relates back to the lyrics of Sleeping Beauty. Like Tool, there are songs that aren't the normal format that most rock songs follow. Renholder is a song that doesn't really have any rhythm or harmony.
This was a pretty good album release. A Perfect Circle is in many ways like Tool, but without all the rhythmic complexities. The lyrics are a little more spiritual based, and the melodic lines are much simpler. It was nice listening to this cd again because I haven't in a long time. Good times.

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Katie said...

So the first thing i saw when i logged on was that you'd done your post on Mer De Noms and I got really excited. 3 Libras literally is probably one of my very favorite songs and Sleeping Beauty is up there too. Nice choice.