Monday, February 20, 2006

Note to self: don't push save as draft.

Ok... my mind has been in a state of utter chaos this entire weekend. It started out with my mom calling me on Friday crying hysterically... need I say more.

Anyway, AJ informed me that he didn't see mine yesterday until I realize that I had saved it as a draft. Hooray for adrenaline rushes at 8:00AM...

Following up my last weeks blog of A Perfect Circle's Mer de Noms, I did their second album Thirteenth Step this week.

In many ways this album is a lot like their first one, but with a more modern and individual sound than their last one. There are still the same types of song, like the hauntingly-romantic almost song the Noose, which makes the metaphor of a halo slipping down over someones neck as a noose (cool, huh?) As well, the straight rock songs like The Outsider and Blue. My favorite song is the opening song, The Package, which has a soft side and a loud, aggressive side to it. As well, the drummer explores the vastness of rhythmic patterns which is really cool. Nothing better than doing triplets over duples. The song, The Nurse Who Loved Me, is also a rather melodramatic song and is more like an oration over background noise. I strongly suggest this album to anybody who enjoys these different varieties of pop music.

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Sam Barnes said...

I'm listening to that right now...great music dude