Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Mars Volta

I listened to "The Mars Volta". They are a somewhat of hard rock group. Their music is very interesting yet amazing to listen to. The CD that I listened to is called "De-Loused in the Creamatorium". The CD was written in dedication to one of their fellow band members, who was in a coma while the CD was written. The other members of this band tried to write each song as if they were in a coma. Each song is supposed to resemble certain things about what was going on in their friends brain while he was in a coma.
The lead singer in this group is an incredibly high singer. In many different songs he belts an 'E' and a few times he actually sings an 'F'. These 'E's and 'F's are two octaves above middle 'C'. The music is very different from anything I have ever heard of a popular rock band. There are MANY different sounds used by various instruments, mostly though by a synthesizer or electric guitar. The drummer of this group is also an amazing musician. Most of the music has the basic rock 2/4 beat, however there are many other syncapation rhythm's throughout the CD. This band is very tight, and it is surprising to me that they aren't more popular than they already are.
The lyrics are very hard to understand throughout the CD, and even when I can understand them, they don't make much sense. This is the point of some of the songs as I described with the coma idea. The music is just great, with many catchy melodies and themes. Nick Nesbitt, Brett and I have been listening to the group constantly and trying our best to sing along!


jamesatdepauw said...

Keith...let me just tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts...especially when you use words like "tight". I just wanted you to know

Anonymous said...

The CD is called "De-Loused In A Comatorium"