Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Magic Flute

Now I know I'm probably the 20th person to write about Mozart's The Magic Flute, but since it has been dominanting my life for the past 2 months and I listened to it a lot from sitting in the audience on my off nights, I decided it would be my choice for this week's blog.

All the music in this opera seems to be melodic to me. The notes always seem to go up or down step wise which I guess is just the style of Mozart, but it works. Each song has a catchy tune, especially Papageno's aria with his panpipe. Although there isn't much chorus in the show, Mozart seemed to use them as a good and big closing to each Act. The orchestrations are great although the trio in the second act between Tamino, Pamina and Sarastro probably isn't my favorite.

A great thing about Mozart and his opera's is he uses great characterization in his music for the characters. Each character aria has a bit of the character in it which would identify that character to the music. I think he does this very well with The Magic Flute, especially Papageno. He is one of my favorite characters. He so silly and his songs fit him so well.

Anyway, I don't really have much else to say about The Magic Flute other than it's very fun to sing. At least for me! :)

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jamesatdepauw said...

Yes, ARE the 20th person to write about the Magic Flute...c'mon now...let's get some originality in these posts!!

(lol)...just's almost over!!