Sunday, February 19, 2006

Like Someone in Love

Austin Johnson

Ilistenedto Ella fitgerald's "Like Someone In Love." Coming from someone who is accustomed to Ella singing more upbeat songs, this cd was quite a change. In addition to displaying more of a somber tone, the cd is complete with a full orchestra, which accentuates Ella's voice. As soon as Ella starts singing, her voice captures your immediate attention. Her silky voice cuts through the orchestration beautifully. Her tone and vocal proclivity are just stunning.
As the CD continues it maintains a low key mood. Unfortunately, we do not get to hear Ella's amzing ability to scat sing. However, the entirety of the CD displays another side of Ella that I formerly was not introduced to. It is a soft, quiet, and beautiful side.
My favorite cut is "Close Your Eyes." It has a latin-like bossa groove and is someone faster than the other tracks. I am a biger fan of more upbeat jazz which is why this song captured my attention more than the other tracks. Her version of "Like someone in Love" is also another favorite of mine. This ballad is so beautiful and relaxing that it makes me close my eyes. Her voice is absolutely perfect.
Overall the CD is an amazing and beautiful piece of artwork, however, it is not some of Ella's best work in my opinion. I am not quite sure whether I would reccomend this CD to a peer. If it were for a studious reason I would reccomend it immediately; however for purely personal enjoyment, I probably would not. I am a bigger fan of Ella's more upbeat material in a smaller combo-like setting without the orchestra. I like her scatting the best. I would reccomend other Ella CD's but I am not too wild about this one. Granted, it would be extremely relaxing for studying, but I would not normally listen to this particular CD under many other circumstances.

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