Sunday, February 12, 2006

Let's jump ahead a few decades!

So last week, I was movin and grovin to the feel good sounds of the 80s. This week, I kicked it up a notch and decided to take on the latest hip-hop, rap and r&b...cuz that's just how I roll!

So just like last week, I took my computer down to the basement of my house, and plugged it in to our speaker i could get a maximum amount of sounds and bass (cuz bass is cool). I clicked on my playlist (aptly names "the ghetto mix") and just went to work. Generally a great song to me consists of a great beat (that's great for dancing to), catchy lyrics (hey, who can beat "I like the way you do that right thurr"), and an interesting hook/melody (that I can sing to...cuz let's face it...rapping is not my strong point).

So I spent a great deal of time just dancing around my basement to my favorite rap songs and as I was listening; I started categorizing each song into a different genre of hip-hop, etc. Here's what I discovered: The bulk of hip-hop music talks about one of 4 things: 1) Sex (i.e. bitches and know how is is); 2) Money and its buenefits (i.e. grillz - a great song...but a poinless buy); 3) Dancing (i.e. how many songs do you know that have "shake it" in them? Yeah...a lot); and 4) drugs and/or violence (although many mainstream songs are devoid of this final category).

I have to admit, my favorite songs to dance to are the ones specifically for D4L's Laffy Taffy...that song has the dumbest words to it, but it's so catchy, and I can't get enough of it. Plus, it has "shake" in the song, so I have to do what it says!

My favorite songs to sing to generally have to do with sex, just because i find it hilarious at how rappers think up new ways to describe (generally) the same thing...EXAMPLES HAVE BEEN CENSORED

So basically, I spent a great deal of time philosophying (is that a word?) the music that I've been listening to for years...all because of Spiegelberg...thanks for

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Scott Spiegelberg said...

philosophizing. And don't feel you need to censor any examples, except for humorous effect.