Sunday, February 19, 2006

jewish reggae. Need I say more?

so I stumbled upon Matisyahu, this jewish reggae/rapper, (odd enough... I know) but theres something unique about him (other than the fact that he's jewish)

Im listening to a compilation of his, basically cause I couldn't download the whole album. (im a musician that pirates music. im going to hell, I know. ) anyway, his music is very different than the bob marleys or the other reggae artists, its something unique that I cant quite put my finger on. His music incorporates sections of rock, rap, some chants, and carribean music to create what is known as Matisyahu.

looking at him, he has the beard and the yamaka, he looks like a normal jewish man, but his music is anything but that. He preaches about religion in his songs, but at the same time, there are mentionings of "getting high" and stuff like that.

im sorry that I can't come to a true conclusion about his music, form and analysis, or whatever, but he's very interesting and a good change of pace for me to listen to when Im sick of listening to classical music or even jazz for that matter. after a while, a lot of his music sounds the same, but maybe thats because I don't listen to a lot of reggae music. Anyway, GO LISTEN TO THIS GUY. he's up and coming and im sure he'll be getting more recognition in months to come.


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