Friday, February 24, 2006

Jamie Cullum

Lately I’ve really enjoyed listening to Jamie Cullum. The hour I listened to was just a random mix of two of his cd’s, “Catching Tales” and “Twenty-Something” on my ipod. “Twenty-something” is one of his earlier albums and is a lot more jazzy than the songs on “Catching Tales”, which have a more pop feel. I could also tell the difference between the different albums, for “Catching Tales” is more synthesized and doesn’t have as many pure instruments.

Jamie doesn’t have the greatest voice, it’s very different. But the tunes are very memorable and the piano solos are great. Many of the songs he wrote with his brother. The songs aren’t very complex. For example “These Are the Days” is in the form AaBbAaBbAa, with the lower case being the same melody but different lyrics. So by the end of the song, the listener knows the melody quite well.

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