Sunday, February 19, 2006

Jake Heggie

So since noone else has written about it yet and I did spend a couple hours either listening to his music or listening to him talk... I figured I'd write about our guest composer. When we were first starting to get ready for this years 21st century event, my first reaction was "oh geez, not again." Once we started playing some of his pieces in orchestra I started thinking that maybe it wasn't going to be that bad. The music for the most part was easy to listen to, mostly tonal. Once we started rehersing with the soloists I really started liking it. I'm really a little sad that we aren't doing the "Meditations" pieces with Caroline Smith anymore. His accompaniments might be a little strange at some parts, but the solos themselves are extremely lyrical and flowing.
After going to the concert on Thursday night, and unknowingly almost getting blown away by a tornado, I decided for sure that, even though some of it did have a little of that weird "newage-dness" ( i made that word up), I still really liked it. The text choices were really interesting and there was a nice contrast between funny and light hearted and deeper, more meaningful songs.
After hearing about coaching sessions from vocalists, I was a little envious. Maybe next year we can get a composer who writes mostly for winds or something, So far I think I've gotten a lot out of this years music of the 21st century week, and I look forward to the concert this afternoon and how it will be received.

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