Sunday, February 26, 2006

I know I'm not a vocalist.....

But I did listen to a musical. While studying for Dr. Balensuela's class of death...also known as music for the mass, (yes I'm crazy but its a 390 AND a W), I decided that I wanted to listen to something that had a story in it and someone had mentioned The Sound of Music earlier in the day so I decided to listen to it.

Although everyone and their grandma knows the music from this musical, it's been a really long time since I listened to it. The copy I have is from the music library and does NOT have Julie Andrews on it, but the role of Maria is played by Mary Martin. It's a lot different than what I'm used to, but I like it. The captain is played by Theodore Bikel. My dad's favorite song in this musical is Edelweiss, so we got to hear that one a lot as kids. His accent on this song is so strong though that sometimes I see Arnold when I hear it.

I think everyone I know that is not a music major only knows the syllables because of "Do-Re-Mi" but it really is a clever teaching tool, music ed majors, pay attention to that.

A lot of Rogers and Hammerstein musicals have numerous numbers that become popular, but I think the Sound of Music probably has the most. John Coltrane even wrote a modal work off of "My Favorite Things". On a personal note, (also just because I don't know what to write), "My Favorite Things" is the reason why I really hate singing in front of people ( and hence loathe sightsinging days). My sister (who's 7 years older than me) would only take me to the park when I was a kid if I'd sing that song with her as we walked down the street. If I stopped because we were passing people we'd turn around and go home. She was evil. okay. the end.

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jamesatdepauw said...

What is with all you instrumentalists using stuff specifically reserved for vocalists?!? Geez, you picked your go listen to a symphony or something "instrumental" like

(evil laughter)