Sunday, February 12, 2006

I decided to let my ipod randomly choose the music I would listen to again this week. My first song was "The New Wild West" by Jewel. This song is interesting because the melody is almost more like speaking than singing. It focusses so much on the lyrics that most of the music happens in the background. There's a lot of percussion and some guitar, but that's about it. Then, about half-way through the song, there's a soft break where she sings suddenly leaves the all important lyrics behind and sings a very pretty tune on "ah" for a few seconds before going back to the monotone melody.

The next song I listened to was "It had to Be You" performed by Harry Connick Jr. I love this style of music, and for the most part I enjoy Harry Connick Jr.'s music, but sometimes his improvisation just seems a little too disjointed for me to actually enjoy it.

Going back to Jewel, the next song that came up was "Fat Boy." This song is much softer and more pensive than the Jewel song I listened to first. It's much more melodic, and it seems to me that Jewel puts a lot more of herself into it. Part of what makes it seem more personal is that it's just her singing and playing the accoustic guitar without anything else in the background, so I can really hear her emotion in her voice and in her playing.

In a complete contrast, I then listened to "I Move On" sung by Catherine Zete-Jones and Renee Zelweger. This is a very flashy jazz piece with a lot of blasting trumpet. It's interesting that even though this is a duet between the two main characters in the musical Chicago, it's sung completly in unison.

After Chicago comes "Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little" from Music Man. I greatly enjoy the way the music sung by the gossiping house wives sounds like clucking chickens. I also enjoy the barbershop quartet that comes in at the end of the song.

Next on the list of randomness came "Painter Song" sung by Norah Jones. This song is very relaxing because of the soft piano and easy beat. Norah Jones's music is always great for destressing.

I then listened to "O Silver Moon" from Rusalka sung by Renee Fleming. This song is definitely one of my favorites. I don't know the translation to the words, but the melody has such an absolutely heartbreaking longing to it, and Renee Flemming performs it so expressively that I have never felt compelled to look up the words. The music is so brilliant that it speaks for itself.

Constantly proving how random it can be, my ipod then produced "Angeles" sung by Josh Kelly. This song is enjoyably relaxing to listen to, but there isn't a whole lot of complexity to be found in the music, lyrics, or performance.

Next I listened to "Prince Ali" from Disney's Aladdin . This song is a lot of fun because it sung by Robbin Williams. It's also fun because the music is so grand that it gives a very good sense of how aweing Aladdin's menagerie is supposed to be in the scene.

"I'll Tell the Man in the Street" sung by Kristin Chenoweth was the last song I listened to. It is a completely sweet song from the 1930's movie I Married an Angel. It's about how she wants to tell the world how much she's in love, but instead of being fast and excited, the music is slow, which to me gives it much more emotional depth. Kristen Chenoweth performs it beautifully.

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