Monday, February 06, 2006

I couldn't decide what I wanted to listen to for my first post, so I decided to let my ipod randomly choose for me. The first song it picked for me was "I Can't Do It Alone" sung by Catherine Zeta-Jones on the Chicago sound track. I love listening to this song because it's musically descriptive of what's going on. In the song she does a lot of dancing that can't actually be seen, but I can still always tell what she's doing because the music changes for every dance step that she does.

Next my ipod chose "Intomo all'idol mio" sung by Sumi Jo. This song was very beautiful and sad. The piano provided a flowing, arpeggiated background for the melody. The singer used a very clear tone and a lot of ornamentation, especially in the last section of the song that returned to the opening motive.

After this, my decided to lighten things up a little with the song "Twisted" sung by Joni Mitchell. This song is very amusing because it's nothing like the style of music that Joni Mitchell usually sings. It's very jazzy. It has a lot of trumbet and base in it, and the lyrics are completely silly. This song is one of those happy ones that always makes me smile and sticks in my head for a very long time after I've listened to it.

My ipod then decided to take me on a journey down memory lane by having me listen to the song "Marian the Librarian" from the Music Man. I played Marian in my high school production of the Music Man, and I love listening to this song. This is song has some cool things going on in it. I love the theme of the song that has the quiet snares driving this ridiculously extended note sung on the first part of the word Marian. I also laugh every time I hear that word end in that quick little turn. The music definitely has that extra something that catches my ear and makes me listen.

Next my ipod chose "Three Letters" from the musical She Loves Me. This song is neat because in it the character is writing letters about the changing seasons as they are changing, and I can hear the seasons in the music. I can hear the wind blowing the leaves in the autumn throught this big, blustery, continuous instrumental part, and I can hear the snow fall in the winter in a light run in the higher instruments.

My ipod then decided to bring things back down with a little more Joni Mitchell. This time it decided to go with one of her more well known songs, "River." I love the piano part of this song. It's really cool how it begins with part of "Jingle Bells," so it sounds like it's going to be a happy Christmas song, but then it goes into this sad mellow music, and the song ends up being about how lonely she is at Christmas and how she wishes she "had a river to skate away on." It ends by returning to "Jingle Bells" in a minor key, which makes the song so poignant.

In a complete change of style, my ipod next selected the song "Maintain Conciousness" by Relient K. This song a very upbeat rock song. It's about getting bored with the mundane routine, and I love how in the middle of the song, it stops and completely changes styles as it talks about how even the song is getting boring and monotonous. It then goes back to the chorus, but this time it has an almost accoustic sound to try to change things up.

After this I listened to "King of the World" from Songs For a New World. This song begins with a roiling bass piano part that draws the listener in. It is sung by a man who is jail and lamenting his lost freedom. It is a very exciting song. The character singing is a dreamer, and he draws the audience into his dreams. The music steadily gets faster, higher, and more exciting as he remembers the life he had, then just at the climax of the song, everything stops and drops away as he remembers that he is in prison and these things are all lost to him now. I love the way the song makes me feel his sense of loss too by taking away the driving force of the music away just as I am getting the most into it.

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