Sunday, February 05, 2006

I am a Tool.... fan.

Artist: Tool
Album: Lateralus

Ok, I'm a drummer so I'm going to assume that a lot of my plog posts will be about bands with some crazy drummers. Tool, by all means, has one of the best rock/alternative drummers to this day. Danny Carry makes the complex time signatures of many Tool songs stick out, making this band one that can not be compared to any other rock group, (maybe Rush... but Neil Peart is another monster). Unlike most rock groups, Tool ventures out of the typical 4/4 time signature, exploring some odd meters like 7/4 and 6/4.
The first song on the album, The Grudge, is an all out drum fest which makes the listener wonder how many feet Carry really has. One motif involves the progression of eighth notes, then triplet eighth notes, 16th notes, followed by sexteplets, ALL PLAYED ON PEDAL BASS DRUM!!! The very first time I heard this song I was nearly in awe.
The popular song, Shcism, was the main headlining song of the albums release. The bass leads the melody with a complex system of fast pickups and a catchy melodic line.
My favorite song, Ticks and Leeches, highlights Carry with a very catchy drum groove in the beginning of the song. The time signature is 7/4, which gives Carry the opportunity to really experiment with an awesome drum groove. The simplicity of the melodic line in the guitar really highlights the groove of this song.
On the lighter side, the song "Disposition" has a much lighter tone. The bass player experiments with some false harmonics which is the solo line. The timbre of the bass really is a good contrast to the mellow tone of the song.
Not only does Tool incorporate complex time signatures, but they also involve world music. The song Reflection incorporates some African drumming as well as some kind of native horn that adds a really foreign sound. As well, my favorite song, the live version of Push It, incorporates tabla, the drums native to Northern India. Throughout the song the tone changes. It'll be hard rock for a while then it will switch to something rather native sounding, incorporating the unique sound of the tabla. The song is absoultely amazing and the lead singer, Maynard Keenen, has one of the best voices in alternative music.
First post... don't really know how to end it, but that's it. Late.

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