Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Fauré Requiem
I am in love with Fauré. If had been born about 150 years ago and been fluent in French, I’m sure we would have been married. Since the requiem is about 52 minutes, I also listened to the Pavane.
I started with this piece. The recording of this piece was the all-instrumental version (without the choral part that was added later) Fauré is most well known for his talent with melodic line. Fauré’s Pavane is memorable for its beautiful melodic line, and manipulation and slight variation thereof throughout the piece. In the most dramatic and moving section of the piece, the middle section, Fauré combines a string of four bar sequences over a pedal bass that descends by whole tones (much like in the opening of the Requiem)
The Faure Requiem is a 52 min. mass for the dead. The most memorable impression I have of this work as a whole (other than powerful and amazing) are Faure's themes and motives that reccure throughout the 7 movements, often linked to text. My favorite movement is Libera Me performed by a baritone soloist and full choir. The movement cries out to the Lord for salvation and deliverance. The transition to the final movement In Paradisium is haunting with the single soprano line singing of peace. This is by far my favorite classical piece (and probably the only one I will write about this semester)

PS- I saved this as a draft accidentally instead of publishing it before midnight and now it won't save. I'm computer stupid... please don't fail me. Faure is dead haven't I suffered enough?
PPS- I'll drink less coffee before I write the next one of these so it is (slightly) less weird.

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