Sunday, February 26, 2006

diana krall....yeah, shes somehow related to lindsey adams...

diana krall- Great jazz singer and pianist. Im currently listening to one of her albums, "When I look in your eyes". Every song has its own character; Not one song sounds like any other. I've fallen in love with her amazing sense of time and her use of space. She has an amazing abilty to sing (and play) with virtuosity but at the same time, she keeps her solos very simple and to the point. She could play with just one hand and the listener could hear the changes....thats the sign of a great soloist. I love how she pulls and play with the time while shes singing or playing. I grew up listening to Chet Baker's arrangement of "the best thing for you" and she sings it so differently on this album, with such different time and rhythm, that the tune sounds all together new.

Another thing I love is her tone. She always plays with such clarity and tact that it feels like shes got the solos all planned out ahead of time. (I give her more respect than to think this is actually the case).

This album is unique because on a few tunes, she incorporates the use of a string and a trumpet section. She never overuses this, which separates her from a lot of other musicians (ahhhem cough cough.......kenny G....excuse me...) she has style. She switches back and forth between the big group and then to her smaller combo when mainly when the tune goes to the solo section.

I think much can be learned from her phrasing. She has a way to make every line sound great and planned out. She never breathes (or plays) out of place. This album is so relaxing because it doesn't sound like she has to work for the music, it just comes out of her naturally.

The album is great, I would have liked to heard more up tempo tunes, but I guess thats what you get when you get an album called "When I Look Into Your Eyes"

I guess she happens to be lindsey's extended cousin or cousin's sister in law or something like'll have to ask her.

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