Sunday, February 26, 2006

Carry On...

I listened to my Dad's new church CD that was just finished last week. My dad wrote most of the music and lyrics for it and has been working on it for the past year or so.
The CD is all Christian rock music with a variety of styles with in (uptempo, slower, etc.) and a variety of musicians as well. It is called "Carry On" and almost 15 musicians all together helped to produce this CD; all of which are regular performers of the church. My favorite song of the entire CD is obviously the one my dad spent the most time on, "Stay with me". It has a fairly free tempo, with keyboards, electric guitar, bass and drums. I dad wrote all of the instrumentation and the lyrics for his song. It has some great harmonies throughout the song with a really nice guitar solo towards the end.
All of the songs on this CD are originals. On one of the songs my dad put a really nice cello into the mix. I was VERY surprised and impressed with how close my dad's keyboard could imitate the sound of an actual cello. One of my other favorites on the CD is called "Lift me Up" and is sung by Greg Unthank. It is only two vocalists (Greg and my dad) and an accoustic guitar. It is a beautiful song with really great lyrics.
They end the CD with an a capella "Hallehluiah" song with 6 different voices. It is a really nice effect and also a really nice ending to the CD. A lot of work went into this CD and the result really shows it. I was very impressed with the originality and musicality of all of the different songs on this CD.

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